19 thoughts on “Mayfield East Public School – 150th Anniversary 2008

  1. What a wonderful site. I have been trying to trace my mother and her sisters, who spent their primary days at Mayfield East and would love to confirm what years they were there. Around the 1920’s would be their era.

    I was most impressed with the effort, time and information available, was most enjoyable reading each and every article. Regards Cheryl

  2. Hi
    Thanks very much for the information. Currently, I am doing the website for the Mayfield East Public School.
    These information are really important to me.

    Thanks again for this.


  3. HI, Just stumbled across this site. I was so excited to see pictures and read all about it. I was a pupil at the school from 1954 to 59 I was very good at athletic and I lived in Crebert street opposite the convent
    very happy memories, my grandfather Harry Brown whom we lived with worked at the steelworks and we use to have one of the first pieces of steel rolled out.
    Regards, Sonia

  4. I was a pupil at Mayfield East from 1957 til 1960. I have fond memories of the school, and can vividly remember the headmistress (but for the life of me, cant remember her name) I will send photos from Yr 3, 4 and 6. I do remember the headmistress (who was our Y6 teacher) coming into class with a dead bat to show us girls. (Remember, girls upstairs, boys downstairs, no participation in the school grounds, we met at the monkey bars! School is very different now. I also remember Mr Tassell who was very tall, getting into his VW after school. We used to laugh to see him try and squeeze into it. I got into trouble for going to the shop across the road, instead of getting lunch at the canteen. Unfortunately I cant come to the dinner, but I will be there at the open day. Good luck, and best wishes for a wonderful weekend.
    PS Sonia Cummings was in my class for a couple of years. (see message above)

    • Hi Sharon, not sure if you remember me. I lived in Kerr Street and had two sister Cheryle and Sandra. Did you live near the park in Crebert Street I think the street is Regent street.
      Robyn McDonald (Hickey) I went to Mayfield East School and your name is familiar.

    • Sharyn,
      Would that headmistress be Mrs Goffett.
      We had her as a teacher in 3rd class about 1960 or so.
      Mr Ainsworth was the Headmaster whist I was there.
      Mr Tassell did a manouvre on the monkey bars and said that had to be emulated for the right to sit on top. Nobody could of course.

    • HI Sharyn,

      The principal and our 6th class teacher was Miss Edwards, who made class exciting, she was before her time. Do you remember her slides and talks about travelling through the Suez Canal? I remember Sonia as well, often wondered what happened to you Sonia.. Also Robyn hickey and Jennifer Mccorquodale. Wendy Semple (McCarthy)

  5. Hi, Great site. My mother attended the school possibly 1926-1931.
    How can I access records of pupils who attended the school.
    My mother’s name was Jane(Jean) Wilson.
    She had arrived from Glasgow, Scotland in 1925 so I’m not sure when she would have started school.
    Thanks, Any info would be appreciated.

    Sandra Black

  6. During the sesquicentenary year (2008), tMayfield East Public Schhol celebrated in many ways including a book publication containing the school and local area history, memories of past students,staff and others, events at the school, news articles, staff over time and contributions by current students.
    As this school is one of the oldest, continually operating public schools in Australia, the book makes an important contribution to documenting its history.
    Copies are still available by contatcing the school during school hours.

  7. What a wonderful website. I have come across this by accident( glad I did) What a wonderful year in 2008 for the sesquicentenary as it holds a special memory for me. My son Isaac Chute was School Captain. Being a proud Aboriginal Woman it was great to not only have my son as school captain but we were lucky enough to have Brodie Wicks as the girl school captain.Two Aboriginal School Captains in a very special year.

    Michelle Knight.( Proud mum of Isaac Chute)

  8. Great website. The Butcher, Samuel Osborne Greenland, who is mentioned in the jubilee celebrations souvenir booklet under unofficial history on page 45 is my G.G.G Grandfather. He was also an alderman in waratah council for 3 terms, secretary of the master butchers association and a musician. He died 23.5.1911 aged 66yrs. If anyone has any further info or photo’s please let me know.

  9. wat an awsume find i was jut showing my kids were i attended school i live in qld with my family but wil neva 4get my days at may east from 1982/87 we lived in mounter street near dangar park my parents still live there lol

    • Hi there, i also attended in 82 & 83, i have clasd fotos and im also keen to yry and find friends from nack then. I now live in New Zealand. Any info wud br great. Cheers

  10. My Father Douglas John Greta Kemp attended Mayfield East Primary School in the 1930/40. As an adult and married in 1949 doug remained in mayfield with his wife and six children whom all attended mayfield east Primary School the youngest leaving there in 1969

    • We were five boys who attended MEPS from about 1957(Neil Doherty) onwards.
      I can recall (I think) Julie Kemp in my years.
      I spend many hours recalling the times there and the precious memories of students.
      If I could fall into a reunion sometime, it would be with great interest.

  11. Hi there, i was a student at Mayfield East in Newcastle back in 1982 & 1983. Im just wandering how i can put these class photos on of both of the years above. Im now in New Zealand but have often wandered how i can find my friends. Please if anyone went in these yrars please contact me. Thanks

  12. I’ve managed to relive some fantastic memories thanks to this website. I started school at Mayfield East infants department 1973) and my brother went to the “school on top of the hill” . We lived on Ingall street across the road from the shops. They are some of my most fondest memories and both my brother and I were sad when we moved to Sydney.

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