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If you studied at the University of Newcastle (Australia), Newcastle Teachers’ College, or Newcastle CAE/HIHE,  you may enjoy a trip down memory lane by browsing through some of the diverse selection of serials published by student societies or by the institutions themselves.  These include:

All of these serials are held in the University Archives.

Some wonderful volunteers in the Cultural Collections team have digitised them and we have finally brought them together in Living Histories @ UON. You can browse through them at https://livinghistories.newcastle.edu.au/nodes/view/79874 or search for a name at https://livinghistories.newcastle.edu.au/nodes/index

If you have some recollections you would like to share with the world, we have some instructions.

Gifted: 50


Gifts to our University Collections

EXHIBITION 3 – 20 June 2015

The University Gallery

The University holds many treasures that have been donated for the benefit of our students, staff and community, and are collected and maintained for sharing with future generations. Since the University achieved autonomy in 1965, members of the community and graduates have shown their support in a variety of ways, including the gifting of cultural items and donations or other financial support that enables us to expand our cultural collections.

This exhibition acknowledges the generosity of those who give to enrich the lives of others, and will profile 50 such items that captivate and enhance our working and learning environment. Rare books and butterfly collections, precious musical instruments and Pacific ornaments, will sit alongside the artwork of some of Australia’s most acclaimed artists, all from our University Collections.

The exhibition is a part of a series of events celebrating the University of Newcastle’s 50th anniversary.