Report on Unidentified Plan M2660A

Unidentified Plan - M2660A [undated]

Unidentified Map – M2660A [undated]

Back in June and July 2011 when we were ensconced scanning two and a half kilometres of our plan collection, we came across this one. It appeared to be used as a linen backing for another plan M2660 in the Collection of The Northumberland and Permanent Building Investment Land and Loan Society. In any case we scanned it as well, and assigned it a number M2660A, as the place names were unfamiliar to us and might prove of interest to researchers.

Thanks to Peter L. Johnson, historian, who in recent days not only identified our mystery linen plan as being a “cadastral-styled map showing the colonial partitioning of surveyed runs among the system of rivers and plains to the south and south-west of the present-day regional centre of St George, in the Shire of Balonne, southern Queensland, through to the NSW border”, but also wrote a report on its identification for us.

Peter has provided a copy for free download here:

Report on Unidentified M2660A QLD Map – Prepared by P. L. Johnson 4th June 2013 (539 KB PDF File)

Thanks Peter.

Gionni Di Gravio
4th June 2013