March Exhibitions at Watt Space

Watt Space March A3 Poster

14 March – 1 April 2018

Thursday 15 MARCH from 6:30pm

Gallery 1 – KATRINA HOLDEN – Conversations with the Land

Conversations with the Land presents the artist’s snapshots and visceral responses to the often overlooked impressions of our beautiful local landscape.

Gallery 2 – ANGUS FOXLEY, ANNIKA LEE, JANE LO, KATE MAHONEY – Abstraction in the creative industries

Abstraction in the creative industries employs techniques used in creative photomedia – composition, colour, line, shape and texture convey emotional responses, engaging audiences with their ideas through abstract photographs.

Gallery 3 – ANNIE COREY – Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories is a collection of works investigating ideas of time, reality and perception. The individual works share common themes of transience with surreal, dream-like qualities.

Media Space – ANDREW STYAN – HUM

HUM the humble power point is the ultimate plug and play device. Behind it lies the most complex machine ever built.


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