Great War

Gas Masks

Gas Masks – taken by Lt Thomas Fahey in the Middle East theatre, WW1

Did you know that we have several fascinating collections which feature photos from World War 1?

These could be invaluable for the school projects which are often scheduled at this time of year.

The above photo is from an album created by Lt Thomas Gerald George Fahey who served in the Australian Light Horse in the Middle East.  Lt Fahey’s album has some great photos of  the Light Horsemen, as well as the buildings and the everyday life of people in the Middle East.  Have a browse through the Robinson Family Collection to see these interesting glimpses of the past.

If you’re interested in Australia’s actions in New Guinea in 1914, see the Rodoni Archive. Here, Thomas James Rodoni used his camera to record daily events and significant moments in the expedition, and made several group portraits of the officers and soldiers in his company. He also photographed many of the people and places of New Guinea.

Rodoni photograph

Thomas James Rodoni (on right) New Guinea, August 1914 to January 1915

If the Western Front captures your attention, the Dalton Family Papers are for you. William and James Dalton, two local lads, served in France during the Great War. Sadly, James was killed in action in 1917. William took many photos during his time there, and these can be seen in his family’s papers. Here is one taken while Will and two of his friends were taking a break.

Bob Johnston, Alf Killick and William Dalton sitting at the end of a haystack during World War 1

Bob Johnston, Alf Killick and William Dalton sitting at the end of a haystack during World War 1

You can also try this search – The search results will include other collections which have fewer WW1 photos which are still interesting and useful such as:

WW1 poster

M2150 World War 1 Enlistment Poster [c.1915]

If you would like to download the photo(s) for your research project, please see our instructions at


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