The Harry Lindner collection

Wyong, NSW, [n.d.]

Wyong, NSW. [n.d.] Photo by Harry Lindner

The Harry Lindner Collection

We have recently uploaded to Flickr a collection of photos from a disk purchased and kindly provided by Barry Howard. The photos cover a wide range of subjects, many of them feature the New South Wales Central Coast area, while there are some which appear to be Papua New Guinea during World War II.

When adding metadata to the images using Adobe Bridge, we discovered in one of the existing descriptions that it was “from the collection of Mr Ray Lindner, taken by his father, Harry (Henry)”.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to track down Ray or Harry Lindner and we would love to find out more about the photographer and his heritage. If you can help us, please email

We are also interested in any information you can give us about the photos themselves. You can see this exciting new album at


One thought on “The Harry Lindner collection

  1. There is an article in “The Mail’ (Adelaide 11 dec 1954) about a Sydney Art restorer and a photo. I have copied it if you would like it emailed

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