Voices of the Hunter – Digitised Oral History Tapes

Hundreds of Hunter Valley oral history tapes have been made available on our Sound Cloud site and more are being added every week, as part of the Voices of the Hunter project.


Historian Jack Delaney

During the 1970s and 1980s, eminent local historian John W. (Jack) Delaney recorded a large number of interviews of people from the Hunter Valley, especially from the coalfields area. These interviews were recorded on audio cassette tapes, copies of which are held by the Coalfields Heritage Group who have kindly agreed to allow us to digitise these tapes and to make them available to the world. Our other partner in this endeavour is Coal & Allied Operations Pty Ltd who have provided a generous grant towards the work via the Coal & Allied Community Development Fund.

Browse this collection at: https://soundcloud.com/uoncc/sets/voth

Highlights include:

George Bainbridge, an Electrical Engineer at Aberdare Extended Colliery

Stella Bradstreet, owned a Cessnock car dealership with her husband Theo

Fred Hallam, WWII Flight Navigator and Solicitor

Mick Morris, Cessnock Barber

Clarry Hawkins, Keinbah resident, Timber cutter and winemaker

Above photo: Grape pickers at Keinbah, NSW. Courtesy of the Hawkins family and Lexie Matthews.



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