Liminal Exhibition at the University Gallery

E-invite to LIMINAL at the University Gallery

liminal /ˈlimənl/ adjective technical
1. Relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process.
2. Occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.
Liminal celebrates the art work of students completing the Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) degree and the Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) degree at the University of Newcastle in 2015. Graduating students have worked with a range of different media and processes to create individual pieces that reflect their achievements in becoming independent and professional artists.
Showing across two locations at Callaghan campus, the University Gallery will feature the work of six BFA Honours students presenting their final works for examination: Libby Eckersley, Shelagh Lummis, Louisa Magrics, Kalinda Nelson-Boyd, Shandele Pascoe, and James Rhodes. The Art Building (AT)will also host a selection of final art work from 37 graduating students of the BFA and BFA Teaching degree course (from 25 November to 4 December).

Creativity and Culture in the 21st Century with Marcus Westbury
Thursday 26 November at 10am Free event, all welcome

Please join the artists for the opening at the University Gallery to be launched by the founder of Renew Newcastle and Renew Australia, author of Creating Cities, and writer and presenter of Bespoke on ABC TV, Marcus Westbury:
Wednesday 25 November at 6pm

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