Neel Raga

NEEL RAGA Harpreet (Neena) Mand with MA Collaborative


Harpreet (Neena) Mand
with MA Collaborative

22 July – 8 August 2015

The University Gallery

In Indian classical music a raga is a framework for composing music, the various ragas identified by their structure. Each raga, through its composition and recital, seeks to create a mood or evoke a rasa/flavour/emotional response in the listener/viewer. Neel, the colour blue, is traditionally extracted from the Indigo plant: it is a pigment that has physicality, but its materiality is spiritual, economic and political. Matter and spirit, labour and agency, are linked in different ways in shaping the contemporary Indian environment.

The exhibition Neel Raga explores Indian aesthetics and use of color in the Indian built environment through photographic images of a particular courtyard house in the city of Jodhpur, within the Indian state of Rajasthan. Through the concept of raga and its associated concept rasa it records the evocation of atmospheres during night and day. Neel is indexical of the temporal and cultural forces at work in Indian society that reflects and refracts transmutation in its symbolical meaning.

Please join the artist at the opening to be launched by Head of School, Architecture and Built Environment, Professor Sue Anne Ware:
Monday 27 July from 6pm

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