We Live In This Valley (1962) Offcuts Reel 7


Release Date: 1962

Produced as: Documentary

Media: Film

Summary:  Traces the Hunter River from its genesis high in the Barrington Tops through the Hunter Valley till it empties into the sea at Newcastle.

Country of Origin: Australia

Production company:Douglass Baglin Photography

Sponsor: Hunter Valley Co-Op Dairy Co.

Holdings: 8 Reels We Live In This Valley, Offcuts and Projections Prints

Reel 7. We Live In This Valley “Offcuts”

00:00-00:06 Polo
00:07-00:21 Aerial of Entrance Newcastle Harbour Nobbys
00:22-00:35 Closeup of man’s face
00:36-01:58 Loading wool bales on vessel
01:59-02:26 Cauliflowers
02:27-04:28 Town Hall Newcastle and NESCA Building
04:29-06:12 Aerials of Singleton,NSW
06:13-06:48 Sheep dog trials
06:49-07:23 launching The William Holyman
07:24-10:16 Crowds at the Newcastle Horse Races
10:17-10:32 Emu
10:33-11:06 Kangaroos
11:07-11:30 Rain at Charlestown, NSW
11:31-11:57 Crowds at the Newcastle Races
11:58-12:14 Star Kingdom Race Horse
12:15-15:41 Water droplet in slow motion
15:42-15:51 Flower beds in King Edward Park, Newcastle
15:52-17:10 Prawning on Hunter River
17:11-17:35 Kia Ora Race Horse
17:36-18:09 Hexham Oak Factory
18:10-18:34 Prawning
18:35-19:32 Women playing tennis and Men playing tennis
19:33-19:43 Flag being hoisted
19:44-20:04 Lawn Bowls, Adamstown
20:05-20:39 Cricket
20:40-21:38 Oyster Leases
21:39-22:08 Girls in dining room of Hexham Milk Bar
22:09-23:14 Surf at Nobbys Beach
23:15-23:25 Flowers in King Edward Park
23:26-23:34 Apples
23:35-23:47 Newcastle home
23:48-23:57 Roy and Barbara
23:58-24:13 Watagans
24:14-25:16 Nelson Bay and Hawke’s Nest
25:17-25:31 Poppet Heads
25:32-26:23 Flowers at King Edward Park, Newcastle
26:24-26:37 Corn on the Cob
26:38-26:54 Side Raking Hay
26:55-27:14 Water Ski-ing at Glenbawn Dam
27:15-27:39 Hunter Valley Panorama
27:40-33:57 Aerial views of Hexham Oak Factory, BHP Sinter Plant, Newcastle, Bolwarra, Maitland, Cessnock, Denman, Scone, Muswellbrook, Farm house, Glenbawn, Barrington Tops.
33:58-35:29 Sailing through the Weeping Willows on the Paterson River.
35:30-35:41 Aerial of Hexham Oak Factory
35:42-36:10 On the Paterson River
36:11-36:54 Watering Lettuce plants
36:55-38:16 Timber getting in the Barringtons
38:17-40:25 B.H.P. Steelworks Plant Newcastle
40:26-40:52 Cattle herds
40:53-41:54 Corn fields and Harvester
41:55-43:01 Shoal Bay, Nelson’s Bay
43:02-44:10 B.H.P. Newcastle Workers at Knock Off Time, end of day shift.
44:11-44:25 Wheat silos
44:26-44:51 Oak Milk Bar at Glenbawn Dam
44:52-45:34 Barrington Timber
45:35-46:58 Grape picking at Vineyard
46:59-47:04 Barrington Timber
47:05-47:09 Grape picking at Vineyard
47:10-47:36 Barrington Timber
47:37-53:33 Muswellbrook factory
53:34-53:56 Horse sales
53:57-54:07 Scone Soil Conservation Research Station
54:08-54:16 Loading cargo on vessel and leaving harbour
54:17-54:31 Cows, polo, F. Readett A.S.S.
54:32-55:33 Assorted shots Ship leaving port, tractor, emus, kangaroos, windmill, ferns, fruit trees
55:34-57:11 Polo

This reel was donated to the Cultural Collections (Archives), Auchmuty Library,  University of Newcastle (Australia) in November 2013 by The Morpeth Museum.

Thanks to Yvonne Austin, niece of the late Douglass Baglin for granting permission on behalf of the family for this film to be made available to the wider global community.

Gionni Di Gravio
University Archivist

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