We Live In This Valley (1962) – Offcuts Reel 6


Release Date: 1962

Produced as: Documentary

Media: Film

Summary:  Traces the Hunter River from its genesis high in the Barrington Tops through the Hunter Valley till it empties into the sea at Newcastle.

Country of Origin: Australia

Production company:Douglass Baglin Photography

Sponsor: Hunter Valley Co-Op Dairy Co.

Holdings: 8 Reels We Live In This Valley, Offcuts and Projections Prints

Reel 6: We Live In This Valley. Offcuts. H.V.D. Reel 22/5 [Can] 22/5.


00:00-01:46 Titles (Yellow)
01:47-02:09 Yachting
02:10-03:33 Water Ski-ing
03:34-03:48 Milk Processing
03:49-04:11 Wetlands Valley Vistas
04:12-04:32 Cannery and oak Powdered Milk Production Line
04:33-05:10 Milk Processing
05:11-05.29 Snow on Barrington Tops
05:30-05:44 Black
05:45-08:11 Flowing Water in stream to waterfall, opening gates on dam
08:12-08:35 Clouds in sky to Pipeline on land
08:36-08:46 Sheep at Show
08:47- 09:16 Surf Carnival at Newcastle Beach?
09:17-09:24 Checking red and yellow coloured globes
09:25-09:26 Checking weather gauge
09:27-09:31 Horses at Carnival
09:32-09:36 Blossoms
09:37-09:39 Wombat
09:40-09:44 Logging
09:45-09:48 Aerial of BHP Steelworks
09:49-09:56 Milk Bottling Plant (Morpeth)
09:57-10:01 Oak Flag
10:02-11:08 Checking Sheep’s Fleece and Sheep Show and Cattle Displays at Muswellbrook Show
11:09-11:10 Aerial of unidentified town
11:11-11:20 Water Droplet in Snow Motion
11:21-11:29 Woodchopping
11:30-11:39 Shearing sheep for wool
11:40-11:43 Wood felling
11:44-11:50 Cultivation
11:51- 11:55 Aerial of Coal Mine
11:56-12:02 Running stream
12:03-12:10 Crop spraying
12:11-12:17 Barley Field
12:18-12:23 Homestead
12:24-12:38 Muswellbrook street
12:39-12:44 Horse trials
12:45-12:58 Sheep by a River
12:59-13:05 Homestead
13:06-13:11 Aerial of Morpeth
13:12-13:15 Oak Flag
13:16-13:25 White flame? flowers
13:26-13:31 Singleton Street
13:32-13:44 Yellow Flowers “Collieopsis”
13:45-14:10 Beach girl competition
14:11- 14:12 Aerial of Paterson
14:13-14:22 Prawners
14:23-14:33 Surf Carnival Newcastle Beach?
14:34-14:49 Hay rake
14:50-14:55 Ingot of Steel at BHP Steelworks Newcastle
14:56-14:57 Tree felling
14:58-15:00 Kangaroo
15:01-15:23 Seagulls, Prawners, Vessel
15:24- 15:36 Oysters to Market on Melbourne Oyster Supply Ltd Salt Ash Truck
15:37-15:40 Cannery interior of Hexham Plant
15:41-15:47 Courtaulds, Tomago
15:48-15:51 Pouring ingot steel at BHP Steelworks Newcastle.
15:52-16:01 Aerial of Township of Paterson
16:02-16:05 Wombat
16:05-16:06 Sir Robert Menzies
16:07-16:17 Open Cut Coal Mine and Poppet Head
16:18-16:19 Sir Robert Menzies
16:19-16:22 Wheat
16:23- 16:42 Entrance into War Memorial Cultural Centre “Him and Her” Laman Street Newcastle
16:43-16:59 View of Newcastle from Shepherds Hill?
17:00-17:08 Girls at the Bogey Hole Newcastle
17:09-17:24 Harness racing “Trots”
17:25-17:26 Aerial of Muswellbrook NSW
17:27-17:43 Cloud formation
17:44-17:59 Aerial of unidentified Hunter Valley Town
18:00-18:25 Grape picking
18:26-18:39 Black
18:40-19:17 Muswellbrook Factory
19:18-20:33 View of Glenbawn Dam, Homesteads and Mountains
20:34-21:22 Horse riders at Show
21:23-21:35 Oak Flag and Milk Bar
21:36-21:49 Internal of Factory, Vats
21:50-21:57 Cows
21:58-22:13 Muswellbrook Factory
22:14-22:19 Cows
22:20-23:03 Glenbawn Dam
23:04-23:23 Open Cut Mining Operations
23:24-23:32 Milk processing
23:33-23:36 Courtaulds interiors
23:37-23:47 End of reel
23:48-24:16 The Tropical Heat Wave Show exhibits
24:17-24:54 Ferris Wheel
24:55-25:31 Deep Sea fishing
25:32-26:09 Produce at Maitland Show
26:10-26:11 Wine tasting
26:11-27:53 Bulls at Muswellbrook Show and view from Ferris Wheel
27:54-28:07 Windmill with sunlight
28:08-28:34 Rural scenes
28:35-29:04 Horse barrier trials
29:05-29:32 Harness racing (‘trots’)
29:33-30:40 Deep sea fishing and crowds at shore (Port Stephens?)
30:41-31:13 Oak Flag
31:14-31:34 Harness racing (‘trots’)
31:35-32:50 Horse barrier trials
32:51-35:38 Ferris Wheel and view of Oak Milk Bar and crowds at Show
35:39-36:04 Wine tasting
36:05-36:11 Deep sea fishing and crowds at shore (Port Stephens?)
36:12-36:18 Open cut coal mining
36:19-37:26 Rodeo events at Muswellbrook? Show
37:27-38:12 Judging Bulls at Muswellbrook Show
38:13-38:24 Pan of valley scenes
38:25-38:58 Bulls at Muswellbrook Show and side show exhibits
38:59-39:13 Oak Flag
39:14-40:29 Muswellbrook Show kids trains, crowds and side show exhibits and Oak Milk Bar
40:30-43:14 Milk processing plant
43:15-43:23 Herefords and Hay making
43:24-44:38 Open Cut Coal Mining
44:39-44:59 Milk processing plant

This reel was donated to the Cultural Collections (Archives), Auchmuty Library,  University of Newcastle (Australia) in November 2013 by The Morpeth Museum.

Thanks to Yvonne Austin, niece of the late Douglass Baglin for granting permission on behalf of the family for this film to be made available to the wider global community.

Gionni Di Gravio
University Archivist

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