We Live In This Valley (1962) – Offcuts Reel 5


Release Date: 1962

Produced as: Documentary

Media: Film

Summary:  Traces the Hunter River from its genesis high in the Barrington Tops through the Hunter Valley till it empties into the sea at Newcastle.
Country of Origin: Australia

Production company: Douglass Baglin Photography

Sponsor: Hunter Valley Co-Op Dairy Co.

Holdings: 8 Reels We Live In This Valley, Offcuts and Projections Prints

Reel 5. We Live In This Valley. Offcuts. H.V.D.

00:00-02:56 Titles (in blue)
02:57-04:02 Black
04:03-04:59 Lobsters, Prawns, Oysters
05:00-05:58 Oak Neon Lighting
05:59-06:45 Two women holding folders walking along outdoor office walkway adjacent to flowerbeds (John Scarrs?)
06:46-07:10 Hexham factory Oak trucks driving down street
07:11-09:10 Australia map graphics
09:11-09:37 Blue Text titles
09:38-09:41 Stairway to Baroona homestead, Singleton
09:42- 09:49 Two women in white walking along pathway adjacent to purple flowers (John Scarrs?)
09:50-09:58 Four propellor Ansett ANA plane on tarmac
09:59-10:02 Kangaroos
10:03-10:04 Fishing
10:04-10:05 Baroona homestead, Singleton
10:05-10:30 Running Water over rocks
10:31-10:32 Black and white Australia outline with graphics
10:33-10:40 Windmill with sunlight
10:40-10:48 People in snow ski-ing
10:49-11:04 N.S.W. Milk Board Artificial Stock Breeding Centre New England Highway Aberdeen. (John Scarrs?)
11:05-11:12 Spinning Globe of world spinning in front of red curtain
11:13-11:24 Baron Homestead Singleton
11:25-11:32 Black and white Australia outline with graphics
11:33-11:36 Prawns
11:37-11:40 Windmill in sunlight
11:41-11:49 Hereford cattle drinking
11:50-11:54 Poppet head
11:55-11:57 People in Newcastle Crowds
11:58-12:05 Angus Cattle
12:06-12:11 Polo
12:12-12:21 Horses and foals
12:22-12:32 Trout fishing
12:33-12:43 “Conservation”, rural landscape.
12:44-12:47 Map of Australia graphics
12:48-13:09 Goat, chickens, trout fishing
13:10-13:17 Newstan Colliery?
13:18-13:21 Mattara Procession
13:22-13:37 Horse stud
13:38-13:41 Prawning,
13:42-13:48 Rural vista
13:49-13:52 Aerial of Hexham Oak Factory
13:53-13:59 Milk Bottling Plant
14:00-14:14 Rain
14:15-14:18 Widden Valley
14:19-14:22 Wildlife
14:23-14:33 Drover on horse
14:34-14:44 Plane in ascent
14:45-14:50 Milking Cows
14:51-14:58 Horse Stud
14:59-15:18 Oak Milk Truck
15:19-15:41 Lake? or Bay?
15:42-15:50 Black swans
15:51-16:00 Chickens
16:00-18:05 Rugby League Game between Lakes United (blue and gold) Western suburbs (Wests) (red and green) at No. 1 sportsground, Newcastle. (Thanks Stuart Alderman for the identification)
18:06-20:32 Lawn Bowls at National Park Bowling Club Newcastle
20:33-20:40 Water Droplet in Slow Motion
20:40-21:05 Marie Meehan(?) with babbling brook at Barrington Tops
21:06-21:35 Red on black titles “Water and Wealth” “An H.V.D. Production” “Photography by Douglass Baglin”
21:36-21:48 Trout Fishing
21:49-22:30 Forage harvester
22:30-22:48 Widden Valley Horses
22:49-22:58 Women examining fabrics at Bradford Cotton Mills
22:59-23:04 Onions
23:05-23:13 Woodchopping
23:14-23:27 Harness racing (trotting)
23:28-23:32 Sir Robert Menzies delivering a speech
23:33-23:37 Aerial of Cessnock Coal Mine
23:38-24:02 Wine tasting
24:03-24:13 Fern Trees
24:13-24:19 Oak Trucks
24:20-24:22 Pumpkins
24:23-24:33 Aerial of Muswellbrook Factory
24:34-24:39 Turkeys
24:40-24:44 Water sprays
24:45-24:52 Fingerlings
24:53-24:57 Hereford Cattle
24:58-25:15 Horse Stud
25:16-25:24 Running Water
25:25-25:34 Horse trials
25:35-25:51 Couple arriving home after fishing
25:52-25:57 Hereford at Muswellbrook Show
25:58-26:05 Running Stream
26:06-26:14 Aerial of Muswellbrook
26:15-26:24 Hotel Hunters
26:25-26:27 Trout Fishers
26:28-26:35 Prawning
26:36-26:43 Oak Trucks in Mattara Festival Newcastle
26:44-26:51 View from Commander Frank Gardner ANZAC statue at Newcastle Post Office
26:52-27:01 Oak Cheese Room
27:02-27:05 Aerial of Muswellbrook
27:06-27:11 B.H.P. Newcastle pouring off slag
27:12-27:20 Newcastle crowds
27:21-27:32 Delivery of Oak Products to home
27:33-27:40 Aerial of Grahamstown Dam
27:41-27:43 Open Cut Mine
27:44-27:47 Aerial of Shoal Bay
27:48-27:59 Rugby League Match
28:00-28:03 Big Game Fishing
28:04-28:13 Four ladies enjoying tea at the Hexham Milk Bar with an Oak truck passing by
28:14-28:18 Corn
28:19-28:27 Surf Trials
28:28-28:41 Pig and geese
28:42-28:48 Bee Keeping
28:49-28:52 People in Sporting Stand
28:53-28:57 Scene of river and mountains in background
28:58-29:02 Horse stud
29:03-29:05 TAA Plane on runway
29:05-29:10 Flowers in King Edward Park
29:11-29:56 Vessel William Holyman in dock
29:57-30:13 Trout fishing
30:14-30:24 Mattara Parade
30:25-30:31 Rural scene overlooking river
30:31-31:07 Locomotive backing up at Colliery?
31:08-31:54 Sheep
31:55-31:59 Stockman
32:00-31:04 Big Game Fishing (Port Stephens)
32:05-32:16 Loading bales of wool on ship at port (Newcastle)
32:17-32:21 Snow on Barrington Tops
32:22-32:32 Pond Wetlands
32:33-34:47 Waves on Nobbys Beach Newcastle
34:48-34:53 Upper Hunter Hereford at Muswellbrook Show
34:54-35:00 Oak Brand Boxes on truck
35:01-35:16  Aerial of [Raymond Terrace]?
35:17-35:22 Oak Flag
35:23-35:39 Unidentified streetscape in Hunter Town
35:40-35:47 Wetlands and Wildlife
35:48-36:01 Dam (Grahamstown?)
36:02-36:07 Unidentified streetscape in Hunter Town
36:08-36:09 Water drop?
36:10-36:14 Ducks
36:15-36:17 Widden Valley Horses
36:18-36:28 Harvester
36:29-36:38 Pouring steel/hot metal? and slag at BHP Steelworks
36:39-39:19 Spinning Earth Globe to stop on Australia (various takes)
39:20-39:23 Black
39:24-41:40 Oak Truck delivery of Oak Products by Milkman (various takes)
41:41-41:54 “Knockoff” End of shift at B.H.P. Steelworks Newcastle
41:55-41:59 Oak Trucks Hexham
42:00-42:08 Wool Floor
42:09-42:27 View from Ferris Wheel
42:28-42:46 Aerial of Branxton, NSW
42:47-43:01 Wool Floor
43:02-43:11 Polo
43:12- 43:27 Woodchoppers
43:28-43:35 Wheat into hold
43:36-43:44 Milk rec vap?

This reel was donated to the Cultural Collections (Archives), Auchmuty Library,  University of Newcastle (Australia) in November 2013 by The Morpeth Museum.

Thanks to Yvonne Austin, niece of the late Douglass Baglin for granting permission on behalf of the family for this film to be made available to the wider global community.

Gionni Di Gravio
University Archivist

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