We Live In This Valley (1962) – Offcuts Reel 3


Release Date: 1962

Produced as: Documentary

Media: Film

Summary:  Traces the Hunter River from its genesis high in the Barrington Tops through the Hunter Valley till it empties into the sea at Newcastle.

Country of Origin: Australia

Production company:Douglass Baglin Photography

Sponsor: Hunter Valley Co-Op Dairy Co.

Holdings: 8 Reels We Live In This Valley, Offcuts and Projections Prints

Reel 3. We Live In This Valley. Offcuts. H.V.D. “Kinelab 28th Jan 64” in pencil. Colour. Silent.

Subjects: actual on film.
00:00 – 00:51 View of Newcastle City from Harbour;
00:52 – 00:54 Loading Coal onto Ship
00:55 – 01:03 Locomotive backing up, sand in foreground
01:05 – 01:27 Two men walking past large unidentified plant
01:28 – 01:42 Kids playing
01:43 – 01:45 Blank
01:46 – 02:26 Inside of butter manufacturing and packing plant.
02:27 – 05:56 Loading Coal onto Ship, view of coal operations vessels in port of Newcastle
05:57 – 07:50 Various shots of sun’s rays through clouds over rural landscape
07:51 – 07:53 Blank
07:54 – 09:38 Cows
09:39 – 10:00 Distant car on Kayuga Bridge Muswellbrook rural landscape
10:01 – 10:12 Black
10:13 – 10:28 Resume Kayuga Bridge Muswellbrook rural landscape
10:29 – 12:33 Yacht and boats moored on lake? Ship’s rudder, various scenes
12:34 – 14:13 We Live In Thus Valley Titles
14:14 – 14:56 Road to Oak factory, Muswellbrook?
14:57 – 15:59 Dairy cows herds and milking
16:00 – 17:32 Interior of Factory (Courtaulds? Tomago Plant)
17:33 – 18:01 Paterson River?

One foolscap page included with the original reel listed the following: “Courtaulds Interiors; Paterson River;Darcy ? Dairy; Bulk Delivery; Bulk Muswellbrook Factory; We Live In This Valley Titles; Toronto; M’Brook Bridge; Ships Rudder ?; Fresian Herd; Weidners Jerseys?; Sunset; Mechanical Coal Loading; Sulphide; Newcastle; John Scarrs; Butter Room; BHP Loading; May derr swimming?; Titles; Ray[mond] Terrace Streets; Diving; Singleton Park; Dungog Houses; Dungog Sign Post; Burning Mountain; Maitland Bridge; Singleton baths?; Singleton Park.”

This reel was donated to the Cultural Collections (Archives), Auchmuty Library,  University of Newcastle (Australia) in November 2013 by The Morpeth Museum.

Thanks to Yvonne Austin, niece of the late Douglass Baglin for granting permission on behalf of the family for this film to be made available to the wider global community.

Gionni Di Gravio
University Archivist

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