Mysterious initials – more information

More information on the Mysterious Initials

Thank you to those intrepid researchers who have been searching for information about the mysterious initials on the snuff box to which we referred earlier. Since we put the RFI up, we have received some more details about the origins of the snuff box and a picture of the inscription.


Inscription on snuff box


  • The inscription reads
    O.P.S. & .D.S. / Presented to / Bro. A. Breckles / by members of the above as a token of esteem / on his leaving for Canada / April 1903
  • The snuff box is British and is made of sterling silver.
  • It was presented to Anthony Breckles Jr.
  • Anthony Breckles Jr was an iron moulder in the UK who emigrated to Canada.
  • Anthony Breckles Jr died in Toronto, Canada in 1917.

If you can help identify the organisation to which Bro. Breckles belonged, please contact us either by a comment or email to


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