Louise McAlpine exhibition


HAPTICIVISM: haptic + activism

An Artistic Imperative

MPhil Exhibition

15 April – 2 May 2015

The University Gallery

/ˈhæptɪk/ adjective
1. relating to or based on the sense of touch
As an art object maker the mediums I use to create installations are mainly of a textile nature. My visual and haptic senses combine to create my hand crafted oeuvre, but my sense of touch is the ‘curator’ in my studio. It negotiates with my other senses although the final word rests with ‘touch’. I constantly force my touch sense to dictate aesthetically in the decision making process. I acknowledge that with the dominance of the ‘visual’ in the field of art and in the ever increasing digital/virtual world, this becomes a daily challenge.

In today’s digitally dominated environment, it is difficult to not spend at least a few hours in touch with a digital interface. Significantly, it is at this point of contact with a digital device that the user is only in touch with one kind of tactile experience. These are smooth flat surfaces which are globally generic in shape, size and form. It is in this space that I choose to initiate my Hapticivism: an interruption of haptic action.

– Louise McAlpine, 2015

Please join the artist for the opening at the University Gallery:
Saturday 18 APRIL from 2pm

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