Riparian life

Julianne Tilse - Riparian Life
Julianne Tilse

Riparian Life: a visual navigation of the Hunter River Estuary

PhD Exhibition 4 – 20 March 2015
The University Gallery

This PhD exhibition addresses my quest to better understand the dynamic and changing landscape of the Hunter River Estuary in New South Wales, Australia.

Fresh perceptions of the river emerge with interdisciplinary research and practical encounters of being in and moving through this specific riparian landscape – experienced from within and upon the river in a rowing boat, across times and tides.

The exhibition offers a synchronisation of art, science and philosophy in works of art that echo a deeply felt connection to the river – a living enquiry – aiming to expand perceptiveness and enliven a more astute sensitivity for the Hunter River. A series of oil paintings on linen, drawings on paper and a photo-media archive suggest that creative outcomes often transcend empirical and objective realities to become windows into an unknown liminal landscape.

– Julianne Tilse, 2015

Please join the artist for the opening by Dr. Bernie Curran at the University Gallery:
Saturday 7 March at 2:00pm

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