Rae Richards: Past Imperfect – Future Conditional

Rae Richards

Past Imperfect – Future Conditional

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Rae Richards has been making art since she arrived in Newcastle in 1957.

She has exhibited in the Wynne Prize and the Sir John Sulman Prize and in the Qantas Gallery in London, but most regularly in Newcastle, where she was a member of the celebrated Low Show group of painters that brought modernism to the city in the early 1960s.

She held regular exhibitions at the von Bertouch Galleries of both paintings and the appliquéd fabric banners which reached a high point in the comprehensive decorative scheme for Christ Church Cathedral, as well as many other public commissions.

In paintings, textile works and decorated ceramics for over fifty years, the common theme has been life enhancement, a personal celebration undiluted by trends or fashions.

This exhibition contains work from throughout a long career; major banners for public buildings, paintings from public and private collections, including the University of Newcastle, and the series of still life studies which have continued to command the attention of this committed artist up to the present day.

Curated by Jill Stowell and Gillean Shaw.

Start Date: Wednesday 26th November 2014

End Date: Saturday 13 December 2014

Opening: Saturday 29th November 2014, 3-5pm

Exhibition dates: 26 November to 13 December 2014
Gallery hours: Wednesdays to Fridays 10am–5pm, Saturdays 12noon–4pm, or by appointment.

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