Cherie Johnson - WraptureCherie Johnson



10 to 27 September 2014
The University Gallery

Over the past four years Cherie Johnson has been working closely with a number of elders and various groups—learning and teaching the process of making traditional possum skin cloaks. During this time Johnson has observed and become fascinated with the spiritual and emotional wellbeing people experience in these groups. As their shared journeys and reconnection to culture take focus, the recreation of the possum skin cloak, its dialogue and understanding, engage Aboriginal Women of the Hunter in profound discussions around matters of Women’s Business.

The essence of this exhibition was to capture a moment, the physical manifestation of that process as these women wear or remember wearing a possum skin cloak for the first time and their emotional response to that moment.

Johnson’s project Wrapture is making a significant contribution to her local Aboriginal community and will grow as more women come together to share and revive this important cultural practice.

Please join Cherie Johnson for a traditional smoking ceremony, dancing and celebration at the University Gallery:
Friday 12 SEPTEMBER at 6pm

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