Ukraine and Russia


History @ Newcastle

Ukraine and Russia: Roots of the Current Crisis


Friday, 1 August – 10am to 11.30am

Cultural Collections, Level 2, Auchmuty Library


Emeritus Professor of History, Alan Ward: “Why Moscow mistrusts the West.”

Dr. Sacha Davis, Lecturer in History: “History Wars: Ukraine vs Russia”

Assoc. Professor of Modern European History, Roger Markwick: “Crisis in Ukraine: made in Moscow?”

Abstract: The virtual civil war that erupted in the Ukraine in March 2014, and the war of words between the USA, the European Union and Moscow, have been exacerbated by the tragic destruction of Malaysian Airlines MH17 and the resultant loss of innocent lives. Some commentators see the ongoing crisis as a new ‘Cold War’, especially after Moscow occupied and annexed Crimea and NATO sounded alarm bells. This special History Research seminar aims to unravel the complex roots, old and new, of the current crisis.

All welcome.


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