62nd Blake Prize

The Blake Prize: Exhibition 11 June - 19 July 2014 at the University of Newcastle Gallery


Exploring the religious and spiritual in art and poetry

EXHIBITION 11 June – 19 July 2014 at The University Gallery

Since 1951 the Blake Prize has provided a platform for artists and poets to explore the nature of the spiritual and religious imagination through a wide range of artistic responses. These responses explore the nature of human knowledge as well as our responsibilities to the wider creation and specifically issues of human justice.

While some works focus on the substance of religious tradition, there are many artists and poets who are drawn to illuminate the nature of the human project, its health and its survival. This involves both inspiration and irritation within the creative process as artists and poets demonstrate the wider social function of the arts. A healthy society welcomes and nurtures this imagination of alternatives.
– Rev Dr Rod Pattenden, Chairperson, The Blake Society Ltd

Please join Vice-Chancellor Professor Caroline McMillen and Rev Dr Rod Pattenden, Chairperson, The Blake Society Ltd, for the official launch at the University Gallery: Friday 13 JUNE at 5.30pm


GALLERY TALK Saturday 14 June at 2pm

Shadows and apparitions: Tracing the Spiritual in Australian art and culture

A conversation in the context of the Blake Prize Exhibition, with Dani Marti, Dr Kath McPhillips and Rev Dr Rod Pattenden

Dani Marti is an internationally recognised artist whose work is included in the touring Blake Prize; Dr Kath McPhillips is a lecturer in Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Newcastle; Rev Dr Rod Pattenden is an art historian and Chairperson of The Blake Society Ltd.

Free event, all welcome, refreshments provided. Your RSVP is appreciated, phone 02 4921 5255 or email gallery@newcastle.edu.au

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