EXHIBITIONS 26 March – 17 April 2014

EXHIBITIONS 26 March – 17 April 2014


Nicole Chaffey | Anne Judell

Jennifer Keeler-Milne | Franc Hancock

a Glasshouse Regional Gallery exhibition curated by Niomi Sands

Shadowline is celebration of drawing and features recent work by Nicole Chaffey, Franc Hancock, Anne Judell, and Jennifer Keeler-Milne. Each artist explores light and shadow within their works, combining ideas relating to atmosphere, experience and landscape. They capture emotion and the essence of place, with light providing inspiration for each artist as they explore and respond to the1r surrounding environment.

Nicole Chaffey: Three Tree Creek 2013. Graphite on paper

Nicole Chaffey: Three Tree Creek 2013. Graphite on paper


Cherie Johnson | Nicole Chaffey | Tara Standing

Spiritlands – three women explore disconnection and reconnect1on to land and spirit through photography and video.

Terra Nullius or “a land belonging to no-one” becomes more than a metaphor in the burnt landscapes reclaimed by Cherie Johnson through her series Not Forgotten. Nicole Chaffey uses old photographic technology to capture the Private Lawns of colonised Australia and its suburbs. Tara Standing constructs ephemeral landscapes as backdrop to the rite of passage of young Aboriginal women growing up in contemporary Australia in Red Ribbon Series 2 and her video piece Mermaids & Cicadas.


Tara Standing: Mermaids & Cicadas 2007. Still from digital video

Please join the artists for a combined opening at the University Gallery: Saturday 29 MARCH from 2pm.

Please join Cherie Johnson in conversation. speaking about her new project:
Thursday 3 APRIL @ 12.30pm in the University Gallery

Create sunprints in a workshop with Cherie Johnson. Tara Standing. Nicole
Chaffey and Gillean Shaw. the University Art Curator – this is an early photo
process requiring only the sun and your imagination:
Thursday 10 APRIL @ 12.30pm in the University Gallery

Both events are FREE and all are welcome – please RSVP to reserve your place.
phone 4921 5255 or email gallery@newcastle.com.au

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