Escape and capture


Judy Robinson Resin N.Z. souvenir koruru (gable mask) 1:2 scale
2013. chalk and charcoal on paper, 42 x 52.5 em


Escape and Capture: Tracking the Tiki from its Pacific Oceanic roots in the architecture of daily life and ceremony, into pop culture

Senta Taft-Hendry Museum

8 – 22 March 2014

Escape and Capture forms the exhibition component of Judy Robinson’s Master of Philosophy (Architecture) thesis, Flight of the Tiki.

Flight of the Tiki is a study of mid-20th century Tiki carvings and tourist souvenirs as collectables. Tiki carvings were incorporated as freestanding or
engaged architectural elements – into agricultural landscapes, ritual spaces, and vernacular architectural structures of Oceania.

A significant cultural change has occurred: the Tiki’s threatening and defiant posture, depicted in grotesque humanoid form, has been subverted. The message conveyed by Tiki has changed from one of threatening to one of benign welcome.

The Senta Taft-Hendry Museum is located underneath the University Gallery at the University of Newcastle, Callaghan.

Please join the art1st for the opening at the Senta Taft-Hendry Museum

Saturday 8 MARCH from 3pm

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