Postcards from the past

Postcards from the Past

The Battle for the Trains! Postcard sent from Baradine to_11975281466_m

The Battle for the Trains!

We have just uploaded to our Flickr site a set of gorgeous postcards from an  album which belonged to Francis Richard Moore (1878-1964), whose family was based at Bishop’s Bridge near Maitland, New South Wales at the time the postcards were sent. Mr Moore was a teacher who taught in schools in northern NSW and in Sydney. After his death, the album passed to his sister, Eliza Jane Keily, née Moore (1890-1968).

These postcards feature many diverse subjects. There are photos of people, places and events, as well as some comical cards and birthday, Easter and Christmas cards, and all of them date from around 1905 – 1916, with the majority in the earlier part of that date range. Some are hand lettered.

Some samples from the collection are shown below, or you can view the set. We hope you enjoy this glimpse of the past!

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