Sandra Burgess, PhD Exhibition Plexus. 28 Aug-14 Sep 2013, University Gallery



PhD Exhibition 28 August – 14 September 2013

The University Gallery

Plexus means interweaving or plaiting, and the research for this PhD exhibition explores ways in which history, nature and society mesh to distinguish specific locations. The history of place and memories, the journeys to and from it, the connections to the environment, and to its people all shape our experience of place.

The site for this research is Hanging Rock, near Nundle NSW. Sandra Burgess considered the discarded waste from the mining past, the fragments of domestic life, the weeds that invaded the country – along with the colonists and the small life forms which are important to the environment but often disregarded.

Microscopic organisms, such as diatoms, are of particular interest as the forms are varied and delicate, inviting imaginative interpretation. Single celled microalgae found in abundance in healthy aquatic environments, diatoms make up a large part of the bio-mass of the planet and are an important part of the web of life that we all share.

Using media such as ceramics, paper and found objects, a new environment is created as a Wunderkammer of the extraordinary and ancient environment of Hanging Rock.

Please join the artist for the opening

Saturday 31 August from 2 pm at the University Gallery,


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