Working: Newcastle

Working: Newcastle
Working: Newcastle

3 – 20 July 2013 in the University Gallery

An exhibition by James Drinkwater, Peter Gardiner and Brett McMahon with a photo essay of the artists by Simone Darcy.

Curated by Damien Minton.

WORKING: NEWCASTLE presents work by three contemporary artists who are WORKING in Newcastle. This exhibition explores the creative output of visual artists and their WORK – not something ephemeral or essentially ‘part time’ but the real importance of their studios as a workplace.

To accompany this work is a photo essay by photographic artist Simone Darcy who has documented the three studios and responded to the artists’ relationship with their space.

These studios become an area for exploration, debate, process and reflection where the artist continues to develop skill and refine concepts.

The artwork in the exhibition is rich and varied, the space it was created in is just as rich and worth describing, articulating, acknowledging.

Please join the artists for the opening in the University Gallery on SATURDAY 6 JULY FROM 2PM.

All welcome.


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