Pleasure Zones

Pleasure Zones Exhibition
Mary Robert /rem (detail) from a series 1990to present. silver gelatin print. 200 x 140 em
Jane Winslow Reflections in a Berlin Subway (detail). 2006. digital photograph on canvas, 50 x 66 em
Barbara Stout Identity Tides Triptych (detail), 2013. ink wash on paper. 102 x 183 em
Cathryn Shine Palazzo Reale La Reggia. Casserta, Italy from the Italian Gardens and Gardeners Series 2005. digital photograph. 48 5 x 33 em

Pleasure Zones

Mary Robert | Jane Winslow | Barbara Stout | Catherine Shine

The artists who exhibit together in Pleasure Zones are based, have received their artistic training and have built their careers, in different countries and have each responded in their own way to the cultural milieu in which they have found themselves. Yet, despite the great distances between Britain, New Zealand and the USA, very different local cultures and different targets for their art, these four artists find harmonious wavelengths that vibrate between them and which afford an opportunity for sympathetic discourse. What they have in common, in terms of outlook, core values and artistic sensibility is greater than the miles and time zones that separate them.

These artists all have the base of their practice in photomedia, yet each of them uses the discipline in different ways and for different purposes.

Mary Robert, Dean of Learning, Teaching and Curriculum Development, and Professor of Lens Media at Richmond, the American International University in London, is exhibiting a selection of photographs from a long term project working with a community of oppressed trans people in Istanbul.

Cathryn Shine has been exploring and researching Italian gardens of the Medieval and Renaissance periods in contemporary Italy since 2005. Shine is Associate Professor in Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Jane Winslow uses photography to investigate aspects of identity by capturing the moments and space between visual acuity. Winslow is Assistant Professor of Broadcast production/post-production and screenwriting in the College of Communication, Media and the Arts at the State University of New York Oswego. In addition, Winslow has collaborated with Barbara Stout to create a video installation. Stout’s work focuses on identity through ink wash portraiture. She also teaches at SUNY Oswego.

The viewers of this exhibition will observe four trajectories of work that have sprung out of shared sensibilities. These artists have directed themselves towards concerns that reflect female perceptions and sensitivities in differing arenas. This is their subliminal common bond and this exhibition reveals insights into four diverse aspects of ‘pleasure’ as their shared theme.

Please join the artists for the opening, which will be preceded by an artist floor talk at 5:00pm

Thursday 6 JUNE from 5.00pm at the University Gallery

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