Wild visions


Wild Visions: An Artistic Investigation Into Animal Vision

Wild Visions: An Artistic Investigation Into Animal Vision

8 – 25 May 2013 in the University Gallery.

If we imagine ourselves looking through the eyes of animals, which can function within vastly different visual parameters to our own, how might the world appear from their perspective?

Wild Visions: An Artistic Investigation into Animal Vision is an exhibition for Prue Sailer’s PhD research in Natural History Illustration, examining the optical diversity of the animal world.

Seven species are included in this study: the Peregrine Falcon, Tawny Frogmouth, Zebra Finch, Squirrel Monkey, Rainbow Trout, Australian Emperor Dragonfly and Veiled Chameleon. Each one was illustrated initially from Sailer’s perspective. Close-ups of their eyes represent the conceptual focus, and studies of their typical postures and habitats provide a familiar introduction to each species.

These birds and animals were selected by Sailer to represent a cross-section of the wide range of eye types and visual systems in the animal world. Scientific data on their specific visual capabilities provided the foundation for a series of curved habitat paintings that illustrate her interpretation of each animal’s unique view of their surroundings.

Through this fusion of science and art, the research published by vision scientists is presented in visual form so that gallery visitors can experience the animals’ world “through their eyes”.

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