Classics seminars , Semester 1 2013

Seminars (2013.1)

Discipline of Ancient History and the Classical Languages

Cultural Collections (Fridays, 1-2 pm, followed by afternoon tea)

Week Date Speaker Topic
2 15 March Dr M. Johnson What to look for in a mayor: Newcastle Civic Precinct & Ancient Architecture
7 12 April Dr J. Bellemore Romans and cannibalism
9 26 April Chris Lawley
Darren Whittingham
Final Hons paper
Final Hons paper (Diocletian’s Authority)
11 10 May Loraine Haywood
Shane Holtaas
Fairy tale, myth, labyrinths and mazes in “The Shining” and “Inception”
13 24 May Prof B. Bosworth
Dr E. Baynham
Thucydides and the failure in Sicily
14 7 June Alex Toomey Westcott TBA

Jane Bellemore ( Ph. 4921 5231

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