A Moment in Time – Arrival of Wallis Book to University 1994

Presentation of 1821 Wallis Book to University Library 1994

A copy of the famous work by former Commandant of Newcastle Captain James Wallis (1785?-1858) entitled An historical account of the colony of New South Wales and its dependent settlements : in illustration of twelve views engraved by W. Preston from drawings taken on the spot by Captain Wallis. To which is subjoined An accurate map of Port Macquarie and the newly discovered River Hastings by J. Oxley. London : Printed for R. Ackermann by J. Moyes, 1821 was donated by Mollie Steere and her family back in 1994.

Mrs Di Robson, daughter of the late Mollie Steere sent us a photograph from the day the book was presented to the University of Newcastle Libraries.

In the photograph are (from l-r) Mrs Mollie (Ella Hope) Steere, husband Bill (William George), Mr Bill Linklater University Librarian and Diane Steere (later Di Robson).

Di writes:

Mum, Dad and I had recently been to Sydney for Dad to march on ANZAC Day with his old army mates. It was the first time he wore his medals! And his first Sydney march.

The following day we went to Barrenjoey Lighthouse (where Dad’s father had been born) and visited Jervis Sparks who lived in one of the cottages. Jervis had written a history of the lighthouse – It was a perfect day!

It must have been just a few days later that we went to the Uni with the book.

Dad was very ill with cancer and sadly died in July later that year (1994)

We wish to thank the late Mollie Steere and family for what is a wonderful and generous donation to the University.

To access a digital version of the work click on the Flickr link here:

To access a text searchable pdf version click here:
James Wallis – An historical account (1821) (51MB PDF Version)

Wallis’ personal copy of the book will be one of the Newcastle treasures that will make a return back to Newcastle in March 2013 for the eagerly anticipated “Treasures of Newcastle from the Macquarie Era Exhibition”.

For further information: http://coalriver.wordpress.com/2012/10/30/historic-return-of-newcastle-treasures-for-exhibition/



2 thoughts on “A Moment in Time – Arrival of Wallis Book to University 1994

  1. It’s good that the long debate/speculation about whether Wallis or Joseph Lycett produced these works has come to a conclusion following the ‘discovery’ of the original art work in Canada in 2011. Lycett was the artist whose work was co-opted/stolen by Wallis and passed off as his own. And its great that these works, after almost 200 years, have returned safe and sound to New South Wales!

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