Confucianism and Western Marxism on Authority

RIPL Seminar


Visiting Scholar from the Centre for Contemporary Marxism Abroad, Fudan University

Confucianism and Western Marxism on Authority

Wednesday 22 August
3:00 – 3:30pm

Cultural Collections, Level 2 Auchmuty Library

Tea, coffee and nibbles provided for a sharp 3:00 pm start. All welcome.

Seminar Abstract:

In this paper, I will explore the two main views on authority in contemporary China. One is traditional Confucianism, and the other is western Marxism. Whereas Confucius summons humans to recognize an authority which derives from love and truth, most of western Marxists, such as Herbert Marcuse, think that authority derives from power, domination or force. Marcuse is steered from without, and Confucius from within. However, despite their apparent differences, they share a criticism of autonomous individualism. After briefly discussing the etymology of gauthorityh in Eastern and Western cultureCI will summarize major views in contemporary Western Marxism – deeply rooted in Western religious culture – that claim to sublate individual freedom and liberty. I will then do the same with Confucianism, before comparing and analyzing their advantages and disadvantages

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