All seminars in Semester 2, 2012

Seminars in Cultural Collections

Semester 2, 2012

This is a list of all seminars scheduled to be held during semester 2 in the Friends of the University Reading Room in Cultural Collections, Level 2, Auchmuty Library. All are welcome to attend.

Date Time Group Presenter Topic
Friday 3 August 11:00 am Classics Jane Bellemore ‘Priests on the field of battle’
Friday 10 August 10:00 am History Julie McIntyre ‘Bourdieu, colonial claret and Madeira Hock: A taste of wine studies’
Tuesday 14 August 1:00 pm Classics Catherine Morgan ‘Why did early Greeks build temples?’
Friday 17 August 11:00 am Classics D. Whittingham, K. Aholelei, and L. Ferari Honours students – areas of examination for thesis
Wednesday 22 August 3:00 pm RIPL Lu Shaochen ‘Confucianism and Western Marxism on Authority’
Friday 24 August 11.30 am History John Gagné ‘Bodies In the Italian Wars (1494-1559): Parts, numbers, politics’
Friday 31 August 11:00 am Classics Dr. E. Baynham ‘Cleomenes of Naucratis; Villain or victim?’
Tuesday 4 September 10:00 am History Bob James ‘Recent Developments in Northern Hemisphere Academic Study of Freemasonry and other Fraternal Societies
Friday 7 September 10:00 am History Ann Hardy ‘ “…here is an Asylum open…” Constructing a culture of government care in Australia 1801-2012’
Friday 14 September 11:00 am Classics Bernie Drabsch ‘A Procession of Chalcolithic Villagers: Reconsidering Hennessy’s “Processional” wall painting from Teleilat Ghassul, Jordan’  
Wednesday 19 September 3:00 pm RIPL Holly Randell-Moon ‘The Secular Contract: The British Monarchy and White Diasphoric Sovereignty’
Friday 21 September 10:00 am History Roger Markwick ‘“Every log a blow to the enemy!” Researching and writing the history of Soviet women on the home front in the Second World War’
Friday 12 October 11:00 am Classics Luca Ferrari
Tyrone Brown
Honours project
Honours project
Friday 19 October 10:00 am History Julie Thorpe ‘Exhibiting refugees: The 1915 war aid exhibition in Vienna’
Wednesday 24 October 3:00 pm RIPL Terry Lovat ‘The Arabic Abraham, Radical Islamism and the Politics of Palestine’
Friday 26 October 11:00 am Classics Dr Westcott ‘A load of old Croc’
Friday 2 November 10:00 am History Malcolm St Hill ‘Frederic Manning’s The Middle Parts of Fortune’

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