Names to faces

Names to Faces

Teacher trainees at The Junction Demonstration School

The Newcastle Herald has been of great assistance yet again by publishing one of our photos in its fascinating A moment in time series. On Saturday 14 January 2012, they published the above photo showing some teacher trainees, asking for people to identify the young faces, and, in the same column on Saturday 21 January, they reported the information kindly supplied by members of the public.

Trevor Fullerton emailed the Herald to say he was pictured on the far right of last week’s photo.

Mr Fullerton said it was taken at The Junction Demonstration School in 1956 when Newcastle Teachers’ College was located in Union Street, Newcastle.

“It was the first demonstration lesson observed by a group of students in their initial year of training, ” he said.

“The [standing] students are, from left to right, Jocelyn Driscoll, Brian Evans, Patricia Dark, Bill Fowles and Trevor Fullerton.”

David and Dale Dark of Clarence Town also sent an email, saying they had called David’s sister Patricia Dark, (now Menzies) who now lives at Dorrigo and remembers the photo being taken.

Many thanks to the Herald and to Mr Fullerton, Mr and Mrs Dark and Mrs Menzies!

If you wish to see the full-sized photo, click on the image on this page. Former Newcastle Teachers’ College students may also be interested to see the rest of the photos in the set, Newcastle Teachers’ College, on our Flickr site.

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