No bar to time

No bar to time: a perspective of Snowball’s hotel photographs of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.

Ed Tonks

Wednesday 24 August, 10.00 am

Cultural Collections Reading Room
Level 2, Auchmuty Library

Let the work of legendary photographer, Ralph Snowball, be the ticket to a journey through the suburbs and heart of old Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. Become acquainted with hotels such as the BONNIE DOON, HAND OF FRIENDSHIP, LOCOMOTIVE, GOLD MINERS HOME, HUNT CLUB and many more. Establish the link between a Mayfield hotel and The Junction. How many hotels were there once in Adamstown? What was the earlier name for the Lambton Park Hotel? What hotel licence was once held by Arthur North? Which hotel once promoted Marshall’s Ales? Name some hotels designed by Newcastle architect Wallace L. Porter? Which brewer once made SB branded beers? What is the connection between the Gateshead Tavern and Telford Street, Newcastle?

Come along and find out, as Ed Tonks, well-known local historian and author, shares his expertise.

Everyone welcome!

Bonnie Doon Hotel, 1911

Bonnie Doon Hotel, 1911

Hand of Friendship Hotel, 1903

Hand of Friendship Hotel, 1903

One thought on “No bar to time

  1. Hello Mr Ed Bridle- it is Jane Owens from Broken Hil and I have accidently stumbled upon your blog and It was great to see you are still being you and still doing it well.
    excellent to see- glad to see you are still performing at your best.
    xxx jane

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