UoN50 – University Surfriders Club Film (1968) Surfaces

Mr Robert Sirasch has recently brought our attention to a film treasure. If anyone knows where we could get further Super 8 video digitised please let us know. He writes:

In 1968, our uni surfriders club, after a contest at catho, went to the overflow of one of the local power plants.

This is the super 8 film  of the time we had.  Gary Flynn one of our better surfers, now a retired Army Major (a counsellor) kindly provided the film from his archives. If you look carefully a teen age Cheryl Kernot is somewhere amongst it all. Being then politically motivated I was the foundation Vice-President, after instilling others with the idea of forming the club. Bryn Newton-John was our mentor encouraging us to be separate from the swimming club.

Garry has the Super 8 film of that and a few IV’s (which we won for 15 years in a row under the Presidency of Chris Tola. Has the uni any facilities for digitising and enhancing old super8 film? Are there any form of grants available to have that done – we would go dollar for dollar I am sure. As you can see by the activities many of us still think “we had the time of our lives”

I’ve started to annotate the clip with names those there will recognise. They include Dr Terry Wall OA, and Dr Jim Stanger the IVF guru both UoN people of note.


Film by courtesy of Garry Flynn (AMF Major retired.)

One thought on “UoN50 – University Surfriders Club Film (1968) Surfaces

  1. It should be noted that no students were harmed or left disabled by this experiment – in fact it was one of the best “group bonding” sessions that we were to enjoy. it should be acknowledged as evidence on how the cooling water of power plants can contribute to the well being of people though the real wholesome fun that can be experienced.

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