The Amazing Race 2011

Amazing Racers marshalling out the front of Maritime MuseumAmazing Race 2011 PosterAmazing Racers prepareAmazing Racers signing upAmazing Racers - Wally as we goAmazing Racers
Amazing Racers - The Bio WizardsAmazing RacersAmazing RacersAmazing Racers - The Robert SmithsAmazing Racers - The BunnysAmazing Racers
Amazing RacersAmazing Racers - The Amazing FaceAmazing RacersAmazing Racers ready to goAmazing Racers ready to goVera thanks the Amazing Racers
Amazing Race beginsVera Deacon launches the Race with bellAnthony and his friends came 1st in the Amazing Race 2011Anthony and his friends came 1st in the Amazing Race 2011Anthony and his friends came 1st in the Amazing Race 2011The Amazing Face - came second in the Amazing Race 2011

The Amazing Race 2011, a set on Flickr.

On the 2 April 2011 the National Trust Heritage Festival 2011 was launched with the Amazing Race. The East Maitland Kiwanis organised the Amazing Race to raise funds for our University Foundation’s Vera Deacon Regional History Fund and Lifeline.Teams solved clever clues and face fun challenges while navigating the urban Newcastle landscape on foot. It was a scavenger hunt, with all the thrills of the amazing race, mixed with trivial pursuit and a dash of cat-and-mouse.We sincerely thank all the organisers and competitors on the day. Especially the winning teams: Anthony and his friends, The Amazing Face and the Family. We also thank the sentimental favourites, The Bio Wizards, The Where’s Wallys and The Robert Smiths. We love you all!

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