Towards UoN50

Newcastle University Establishment Group inspects proposed site for the University, early 1960s.

The University of Newcastle has a rich history. In 2011 we will launch a major project for staff, students and the community that captures our unique past. Towards UoN50 will chronicle and celebrate the milestones, as well as the little known facts, that have made the University what it is today.

The Website is here:

As we approach our 50th anniversary in 2015 we want to work with students, staff, alumni, volunteer and support groups, and the community who have all had a hand in shaping the institution.

We want to hear your stories.

Towards UoN50 will be celebrated in many ways. There will be permanent and temporary displays across campuses of historical objects and photographs that showcase the University. All current schools and divisions will be involved and can nominate key people, achievements and objects that they consider are an important part of their history.

A working party, chaired by Emeritus Professor Adrian Page, has been established to guide the project. In addition to the on-campus displays, the Working Party will commission a writer to document the past 50 years. The Herald will also regularly feature highlights from Towards UoN50.

Soon you will see Towards UoN50 taking shape with displays in our libraries, and in the School of Education and the School of Environmental and Life Sciences.

Take a look at some of the early photographs on Flickr photo sharing application where over 10,000 images related to the University have been uploaded by Peter Longworth, who volunteers with the Cultural Collections. The Conferring of Degree (Graduation) Booklets (1959-2009) , the University Gazette (1966 to 1988) and University News (1970 to 1974) have been digitised and are also available online.

This is an exciting and important project for the University and the community. We need your ideas and feedback to make it a success so please contact the team at

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