Student research papers in Australian history

Student research papers in Australian history

The University of Newcastle History Club, Department of History

This serial was published during the late 1970s and early 1980s by the University of Newcastle’s History Club, Department of History, and featured some of the best papers on Australian history by undergraduate history students. Many of the topics relate to local and regional history and will be of considerable interest to scholars of Newcastle and Hunter history. Each article is reproduced separately as a PDF file, and the entire volume is also available as a single PDF file.

Number 1 – 1976

NB During its first year, the serial was called Student research papers in early Australian history and was published by the University of Newcastle’s Department of History.

Number 2 – 1977

Number 3 – 1978

Number 4 – 1979

Number 5 – 1980

Number 6 – 1981

Number 7 – 1982

Number 8 – 1983

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