Huldah Turner’s Writings

Publications and Other Writings by Huldah M Turner

Huldah Turner

Huldah Turner

  • An analytical survey through character of Graham Greene’s ‘The power and the glory’ / Huldah M. Turner
    Kotara, N.S.W. : Newtex Productions, [196-]
    Cultural Coll/RB STAFF 823.912 GREE-2 TURN
  • The background to the history of costume / by Huldah M. Turner. Book 1. The ancient world
    [Charlestown, N.S.W.] : [H.M. Turner], [1973]
    Cultural Coll/RB STAFF Q391.009 TURN
  • Edouard Dujardin, James Joyce, and the “interior monologue”, from an M.A. thesis submitted to Sydney University in 1943-4 [manuscript] / by Huldah M. Turner 1944
    Cultural Coll/RB STAFF Q823.9/J89/12

NB: A copy of the entire thesis has been kindly donated to the University Library by the Turner family and is held in Archives.

  • Mootwingie : snake cave / Huldah Turner
    [New Lambton. N.S.W. : Nimrod, 1994]
    Cultural Coll/RB STAFF PamA821.3 TURN-1 MOOT 1994
  • “Landscape near Madura, Western Australia” In Lines from a lakeside city : poems selected for the 1994 Roland Robinson Literary Award / edited by Betty Roe
    Boolaroo, N.S.W.] : Lake Macquarie City Council, 1994
    Cultural Coll/RB   A821.3 ROE 1994
  • “Joe Fanatomy” In“Speaking of Union Street…” Reminiscences of Newcastle Teachers’ College 1949-1973 3.12 Mb PDF file.
    Archives Shelf Location A7460 (v)
  • ‘Address’ from Huldah Turner to Dr Douglas Huxley. 4th March 1992  Reminiscences of Newcastle Teachers’ College. Click here for the Original Recording [2.20 MB mp3 file]
    Archives Shelf Location A7460 (v)
  • 3 thoughts on “Huldah Turner’s Writings

    1. Hey huldah Mary Turner is my great aunt and I’m the only one in the family that was given her name. Now I’m really interested in finding more of her poems and especially she wrote one about myself when I was born I don’t no if this will work or not but I’m curious to know if anyone has copies I no she does or someone does cause my grandmother has her whole book full of poems but I would like a copy for myself as my grandmother no longer find the book from the years of moving. Thank you hope this work

    2. My Name is Glen Oliver, Huldah was my great aunt. I do have some of her writings here some where with assorted other information.

      I guess that would make us related! My father was Harvey Oliver, his brother was Brian and his other brother was Stuart.
      For more information you will need to contact me

    3. HI GLEN !

      wow I just found this ! years ago I put this up wanting some more information.
      im from Derek and Roslyn side of the family ( they my granparents )- kaylenes daughter. Huldah might be my great great aunt not sure how far long. what do poems do you have there ? roslyn had little booklet of them and one in there about me im really trying to find it. as the booklet is now misplaced. I also have some huldahs items she passed onto me aswell.

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