That Gallant Gentleman – Emeritus Professor Dutton’s New Book

Emeritus Professor Ken Dutton speaking about the genesis of his new book That Gallant Gentleman.

The Central Queensland University Press is soon to publish Emeritus Professor Dutton’s new book on the Jarry-Gray manuscript held in Cultural Collections.

The new book is entitled ‘That Gallant Gentleman‘ and describes the detective hunt that took place to discover the unidentified authors of the manuscript that contained a military treatise in French, and a pioneer diary in English.

The authors were later identified as being General Francoise Jarry, a distinguished French officer who co-founded the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, and Lieutenant-Colonel Charles George Gray who emigrated to New South Wales with his wife and family and later settled on a property near Port Macquarie. Gray later moved to Ipswich as Police Magistrate (1853) and in 1859 accepted the invitation to become Parliamentary Librarian and Usher of the Black Rod in the first Queensland Parliament. We congratulate Professor Dutton on this forthcoming new book.

See Central University of Queensland Press Release here – Detective work leads to a remarkable life story

10 thoughts on “That Gallant Gentleman – Emeritus Professor Dutton’s New Book

  1. Hi All, I enjoyed the history of Lieutenant Colonel Charles George Gray that Emeritus Professor Dutton worked so hard putting to-gether and called the book ,”That Gallant Gentleman”, sounds so true to me as my Grandfather was a Gray, strict, but a gentleman. Grandma was a Elford from Maria River (my Mother is now 90yrs old).
    I had my childhood on the farm at Maria River with my Parents and grandparents (Grandma was a Elford) Grandfather Gray was from South Australia and worked on their potato farm. I often wonder if the son that went south ended up starting his family down around South Australia, so far I have not been able to find out, but there is a relative of Grandfathers still lives there. Regards Joy

  2. I have just found this website, and the history of Lt. Col. Charles George Gray that Emeritus Professor Dutton put together. It means a lot to me as Lt.Col Gray is my great great great grandfather. His grand-daughter was Florence Leith-Hay and she is my great grandmother whom I remember fondly as a small child. I am really interested in obtaining a copy of “That Gallant Gentleman.

    • Meg I know I am late but did you get the book? I am a dirrect ancestor also of Col CG Gray.
      I may have contacted you BUT can’t be sure.

    • Hello Meg
      l have been cruising the internet looking at my husbands family history. His grandmother was Florence Leith-Hay. Was wondering if you have photos of her family as we do have some.
      Linda Desgrand

  3. I would love to purchase a copy of this book for my husband as he is a decendent but have had no success. Anyone able to tell me how l can purchase one please
    Linda Desgrand

  4. It is wonderful what this book has done for the descendants of Charles Gray – my line is from his son, Robert John Gray and his 1st marriage to Mary Dorsay – their daughter – my grandmother – was Maude Elizabeth Dodd nee Gray and their daughter was my mother Margaret Dorsey Heffernan (nee Dodd). a few skeletons in my line of the family – sadly the reasons died with the main characters in the story. I am also very grateful to Helga who provided the replacement of our copy of the Gray Family Tree which was lost to the family some time back. I continue to get contacts via of family members looking for information on the Gray Family.

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