Victoria Lifeboats Descendants and Friends

The Victoria Lifeboats Descendants and Friends (VLDF) is a group recently formed to bring together the descendants of the former Newcastle Lifeboat Service (NLS).

The Victoria Lifeboats Descendants and Friends are independently researching information and working in conjunction with the Newcastle Maritime Centre.   All original archival materials such as photographs, documentation and memorabilia will eventually be cataloged and will remain with their respective family groups.

Some interesting items have already been located including several gold medals, an official hand written journal by William Adams (crew member) and original paintings of rescues by recognised artists of the time.

There are a number of items still outstanding which, if located, would be of enormous historical interest including the Log of the Lifeboat (if it exists in the form of a log), the Binoculars given to crew by the President of the United States in 1909, the bravery medals and correspondence related to that event, the correspondence related to the Adolphe rescue in recognition of the crews’ bravery by the French Government and the NSW Government, and the original letter from the Newcastle Chamber of Commerce dated 15 August 1921 recognising the bravery of the crew when they were called out to the steamer “Century” on the 23 July 1921. This was the last time that the Victoria went to sea (of we have a copy).

The Newcastle Lifeboat Service was operational from the 1830s to 1940s.  We have a listing of approx 350 crew members which will be made available soon.

All the catalogue information will be shared with the libraries and the Museums.

We thank The Port Corporation, Newcastle Public Library and Newcastle Maritime Centre who are supporting us and displaying our advertisement. We also thank Cultural Collections (Auchmuty Library) at the University of Newcastle for their support in allowing us a public announcement on their blog and display.

Bill Hillier
VLDF Convenor

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