Dante Remembered

Dante Readings in the Rare Book Room

Attention Italianophiles. Back  on Tuesday 23rd November 2004 the second in the successful and popular series of Lunchtime Readings from the Rare Books was presented in the Friends’ Reading Room in University Archives (now Cultural Collections). The theme for this occasion was Dante Alighieri’s Commedia (The Divine Comedy) from which three recitations in the original Italian were performed from this classic work.

The event featured three speakers from across the University’s campus and regional community. The then University’s Deputy Chancellor, Emeritus Professor Ken Dutton introduced the event and recited Canto III from the Inferno. Mrs Nora Moelle, a Fine Arts Student at this University and wife of the late Dr Konrad Moelle in Geology, recited Canto XXXI (31) from the Purgatorio. And Mr Vittorio Di Gravio, a member of the local Italian community, native speaker and father of Gionni recited Canto XXXIII (33) of the Inferno.

Ken, Nora and Vittorio

Various rare and obscure editions of Dante’s work from the Collections were also on display and all guests were treated to fine hospitality which included a piece of the world famous Mama Di Gravio’s Continental Cake with Dantean inscription. We thank all the speakers for their fine recitations and also especially thank Mr Michael Sternbeck for the design of the beautiful poster for the event which has become a collector’s item with many people requesting autographed copies. The event was also recorded and limited edition CD produced.

Emeritus Professor Ken Dutton – Introduction to the Dante Readings (3MB)

Inferno Canto 3 – Emeritus Professor Dutton (3.6 MB)

Inferno Canto 33 – Mr Vittorio Di Gravio (5.6 MB MP3)

Purgatorio Canto 31 – Mrs Nora Moelle (5.2 MB MP3)

Gionni Di Gravio
26 November 2007

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